Project Details

Value chain model for bioethanol production from sweet sorghum in rainfed areas through collective action and partnership

Duration: 23/Sep/2020 - 30/Jun/2012

Locations: Asia

Project contact: BVS Reddy

Donor: National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)-Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

The project aims to assess economic and environmental viability, enabling policies and institutions for promoting cultivation of sweet sorghum for bioethanol production and its impact on environment, rural incomes, livelihoods and social capital development. It develops and establishes pilot-scale Public Private People Partnership (PPPPs) value chain bioethanol enterprise models through a “Seed-to-Tank” approach encompassing sweet sorghum production, processing, value addition, and marketing. The project has a component on farmers’ participatory multi-location testing of the improved biomass (stalks and grain) and juice-yielding sweet sorghum cultivars under on-farm situations; and development of production and seed systems in the targeted area and fine-tuning of a package of practices for increased harvest window, mechanization and development of protocols for by-product utilization. The project helps in capacity building and skill development of all the stakeholders including rural communities in the enhanced sweet sorghum production and value chain for bioethanol production.

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