Project Details

Genetically enhanced pearl millet with high grain iron density for improved human nutrition in India-HarvestPlus Phase II

Duration: 01/Jan/2009 - 31/Dec/2015

Locations: Asia

Donor: CGIAR,HarvestPlus Challenge Program

CGIAR Research Program: Agriculture for Nutrition and Health

In 2013 the major thrust of this project will be on further validation of lines and population progenies identified for high-Fe density, and development of high-yielding hybrids with high Fe levels. Several advance breeding lines with 60-80 ppm Fe and 40-60 ppm Zn density have been identified, which will be used in deriving next-generation breeding lines with high Fe density and also for breeding high-yielding and high-Fe hybrids. A number of progenies from high-Fe populations showing 80-100 ppm Fe and 60-80 ppm Zn density have also been identified. The hybrids identified with high-Fe density (>65 ppm) and grain yields comparable to many of those under commercial cultivation in advanced hybrid trials will be further evaluated for multi-location performance and genotype × environment interaction. A few of the most promising ones will be fast-tracked through more expanded evaluation by private seed sector partners. Based on the final evaluation for Fe density, high-Fe breeding lines and population progenies will be selected to initiate the constitution of a high-Fe composite.

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