Project Details

Water Resources Group: Expert input on preparing detailed project report for water-enabled growth in Karnataka

Duration: 23/Mar/2012 - 31/Dec/2012

Locations: Asia

Donor: Other international or regional organization,World Bank-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Water Land and Ecosystems

There is scope to substantially increase yields in the agriculture sector in Karnataka. The main constraints are low water use efficiency (rainwater and irrigated); imbalanced use of fertilizer nutrients; inappropriate soil, water and management practices; ineffective delivery systems and lack of timely availability of credit facilities for farmers in the irrigated command areas. The problems of inappropriate water management have exacerbated the problems of waterlogging, land degradation, and insufficient water availability. Large scope exists to revitalize the irrigation sector in the command areas for increasing water use efficiency and increased agricultural productivity by transforming water reforms through innovative public private partnerships and institutional innovations. This has been demonstrated by projects, such as the Bhoochetana project led by ICRISAT. The proposed pilot project aims to achieve water-enabled sustainable agricultural growth in Karnataka and will build on the experience of such projects.

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