Project Details

Integrated water resource development in Kolar district through watershed interventions

Duration: 01/Jan/2012 - 31/Dec/2015

Locations: Asia

Donor: Foundation or Trust,Coca-Cola Foundation-USA

The target area for this project is Kolar district in Karnataka which experiences severe water scarcity, sharp decline in groundwater, and growing poverty. For most part of the year, Kolar district experiences acute scarcity of water in agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors. Farmers grow rain-fed and vegetable crops with very deep tube wells.

The objectives of this initiative are to enhance water availability in target villages through rainwater harvesting, recharging of wells and reuse of waste water to demonstrate that science-based interventions can increase water availability and improve groundwater quality. Furthermore it plans to enhance water use efficiency through various good agricultural practices (GAP) for sustainable management of water and land resources so as to increase overall agricultural productivity; and also to establish a pilot project demonstrating impact within five years of its inception and transform them as model villages with more interventions in different phases.

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