Project Details

Climate change impacts on West African agriculture: a regional assessment (CIWARA)

Duration: 01/Mar/2012 - 28/Feb/2014

Locations: Western and Central Africa

Project contact: PCS Traore

Donor: Columbia University-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

The project proposes to standardize an open-access database, compare and improve crop model performance, improve spatial coverage of agro-meteorological advisories for smallholder farmers,   update selected policy instruments at the national and regional levels, and build research capacity   for integrated climate change impacts assessments. This assessment will increase representation of climate, crop, and economic data in West Africa, enrich agro biodiversity in crop models, apply representative agricultural pathways to study future regional climate change impacts, and will refine crop calendars and agro-meteorological advisories into location and ecotype specific decision support tools. Eventually West African policymakers will be briefed on possible local impacts of climate variability and change, to inform decisions on adaptation and mitigation.

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