Project Details

Increase and enhance chickpea and pigeonpea production technologies in the farmers fields of two districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Duration: 18/Mar/2013 - 30/Dec/2017

Locations: Asia / Andhra Pradesh / Karnataka

Donor: Foundation or Trust,OCP Foundation-Morocco

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The overall goal of the project is dissemination of improved varieties and technologies for improving rural livelihoods and nutritional security of smallholder farmers through increased pulse production in the target states. This initiative will help in boosting national pulse production through adaptive research and faster technology dissemination. The project strategy aims towards four essential goals: food and nutritional security; sustainable legume-based production system; natural resource conservation and environmental protection; and employment and income generation in the rural areas to eradicate poverty. This can be achieved by introduction of improved production technologies to farmers and by promoting appropriate policies that help them to adopt new technologies.

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