Project Details

Pathways to agricultural and economic development in rural Malawi

Duration: 01/Apr/2012 - 31/Oct/2013

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa

Project contact: P Okori

Donor: Care International-Malawi

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

CARE and its partner, ICRISAT, are implementing a project, Pathways to Agricultural and Economic Development in Rural Malawi. The Pathways initiative is part of CARE’s Pathways program that seeks to empower women smallholders through more productive and equitable engagement in sustainable agriculture. This project means to nurture collectives and community organizations in order to build solidarity and support; build capacities and skills; develop more inclusive and efficient markets; promote the adoption of intensified and sustainable agriculture practices; integrate learning approaches to build accountability, transparency, and capacity while accelerating change. ICRISAT will provide training and technical assistance to community-based farmer-to-farmer trainers (FFTs) to support groundnut production. In this project ICRISAT will supply improved seed, information for costing groundnut production, and advice on the appropriate seed-type selection, and will also provide practical research and support on groundnut harvesting and post-harvest care.

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