Project Details

Enhancing livelihoods of resource-poor farmers of Rajasthan through introduction of eco-friendly pigeonpea varieties

Duration: 01/Jan/2012 - 31/Dec/2016

Locations: Asia

Project contact: K B Saxena

Donor: Government of Rajasthan -India

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

The project intends to improve the livelihoods of resource poor farmers of Rajasthan by increasing crop productivity and conserving the environment. At present, the production of pigeonpea in the state is insufficient to meet domestic needs and hence the State Government has started new initiatives to enhance its production and productivity. This project was, therefore, conceptualized to enhance the production of pigeonpea by introducing a new and eco-friendly technology of early maturing varieties. The adoption of pigeonpea on dry tracts of the state would help in bettering the livelihoods of poor farmers living in the harsh environment of Rajasthan. This technology involves the production of early maturing pigeonpea varieties that would provide an opportunity to increase crop intensity by growing a post-rainy season crop.

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