Project Details

Ensuring human health, food and nutritional security through novel cereal and fruit based prebiotics

Duration: 28/Jan/2013 - 27/Jan/2015

Locations: India / Sri Lanka / Asia

Project contact: Saikat D Mazumdar

Donor: Department of Science & Technology (DST)-Government of India-India

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

The project focuses on understanding the prebiotic potential of sorghum and pearl millet which is grown extensively in the dryland areas of India along with finger millet and banana in Sri Lanka. Specifically the project shall explore ways to use these crops as prebiotic sources in developing stable and functional prebiotic and probiotic products for commercialization. This work shall be based on profiling these crops for their prebiotic components (β-glucans, resistant starch and hemicelluloses), nutritional traits, and wherever appropriate the bioactive components. Given the diversity in varieties of the crops, it is essential to identify specific varieties that are good sources of prebiotics and also screen it for associated natural/compatible probiotic microorganisms. This work shall benefit the farmers cultivating these crops and also provide healthy food alternatives to consumers.

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