Project Details

Increasing irrigation water productivity in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Duration: 15/Jun/2013 - 14/Jun/2017

Locations: Mozambique / Tanzania / Zimbabwe / Eastern and Southern Africa

Project contact: J Nyamangara

Donor: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)-Australia


This project builds on a scoping study that reviewed the work of IWMI, IFPRI, World Bank,

Challenge Program, Gates Foundation and others on how irrigation could contribute to food security in nine sub-Saharan African countries. Specifically, this project aims to increase agricultural water productivity to improve food security in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The objectives are to develop, test and deploy innovative water and solute monitoring systems to stimulate farmer learning toward greater water productivity; evaluate whether Agricultural Innovation Platforms, based on existing community organisations can identify and overcome institutional and market barriers to greater water productivity; and identify and communicate economic and policy incentive mechanisms for greater water productivity.

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