Project Details

Strengthening partnerships for innovation in beans, groundnuts and sesame research and technology transfer in Mozambique

Duration: 01/Oct/2011 - 30/Sep/2013

Locations: Mozambique / Eastern and Southern Africa

Project contact: Moses Siambi

Donor: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-Nigeria

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

This project means to develop and disseminate proven technologies through partnership and participatory approaches to increase productivity of beans in order to increase rural household income, reduce poverty and enhance food and nutrition security of resource poor farmers, especially women. The project will test and identify locally adapted and high-yielding varieties of beans that are drought tolerant in the face of climate variability, and pest and disease resistant so as to minimize yield losses in the field.

CIAT, ICRISAT and IITA have been active in Mozambique in recent years and work in collaboration with IIAM, the Ministry of Agriculture, Universities, NGOs, the private sector, farmer’s associations, and rural communities. Through research, these organizations have developed and tested beans, groundnut, soybean, and cowpea varieties in collaboration with IIAM for Mozambique and the neighboring countries. The work involves development, testing and promotion of superior performing varieties of these crops through projects, including Platform Mozambique.

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