Project Details

Developing and implementing the genomic component of the IBP

Duration: 01/Jul/2012 - 30/Jun/2014

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: R Varshney

Donor: Generation Challenge Program (GCP)/CIMMYT-Mexico

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) has been working to explore and harness plant genetic diversity using genomics tools to advance the breeding by resource-poor farmers in drought-prone and other harsh environments. The GCP network and partnerships led to the development of a range of genomic resources, including large scale SSR, SNP and DArT markers, genetic and physical maps, gene cloning, transcriptomic resources, expression profiling and genome sequencing in several crops. This huge genomic resource is scattered and not easily accessible to the breeders/researchers globally. The project aims at cataloguing the huge genomic resources developed through genomics component in the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) portal. With the advancement in technology, several molecular-marker aided breeding approaches such as marker-assisted backcrossing (MABC), genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS), and genomic selection (GS) have become available. In general, researchers do not get a clear idea of which technology and/or which service provider will be cost-effective for the intended purpose. This project aims to facilitate discussion in modern genomics areas by bringing genomics researchers from CGIAR centers, NARS and ARIs together. In this context, a Linkedin group GCP-Agricultural Genomics Network has been established. The group started to have discussions related to new technologies, and publications. The genomic resources developed in Phase I and Phase II are being catalogued to make them available for the research community through the IBP portal.

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