Project Details

Development of a Genotyping Data Management System

Duration: 01/Dec/2011 - 31/Dec/2013

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Shah, T

Donor: Generation Challenge Program (GCP)/CIMMYT-Mexico

CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes,Dryland Cereals

The effective management of genotyping data and its link to the corresponding germplasm information and phenotyping data is a critical component of any Integrated Breeding Project. There are a number of marker technologies and platforms that are used across the different crops in the mandate of the Generation Challenge Program. As some of these marker technologies develop further the amount of data generated drastically increases. In this project the focus is on handling the low to high throughput genotyping data (SSrs, DArTs and SNPs). In addition to the marker, genotyping and fingerprinting information the system will also handle maps and QTL data and will allow for exchange of data with the analytical tools using the flapjack file format.

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