Project Details

Assessing and refining the concept of dynamic genepool management and simultaneous farmer-participatory population improvement in pearl millet and sorghum

Duration: 01/Jun/2012 - 31/May/2014

Locations: West and Central Africa / Burkina Faso / Mali / Niger

Donor: Foundation or Trust,McKnight Foundation-USA

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Cereals

This project is expected to contribute to diversification of farmer-grown cultivars and therefore to yield stability in variable climates; development and validation of new farmer-preferred cultivars with specific adaptation to farmers’ needs; refined participatory breeding methodology including prospects for integration of modern breeding tools; initial concepts for in-situ conser­vation of farmer-preferred germplasm; and to capacity building in West Africa. Close linkages with the next CCRP-funded seed project, as well as with the HOPE and WASA projects, will ensure that the new, specifically adapted and farmer-preferred cultivars will enter formal and informal seed systems and be cultivated by the farming communities, thereby contributing to food security

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