Project Details

Grain Legumes - Leveraging legumes to combat poverty, hunger malnutrition and environmental degradation

Duration: 01/Jul/2012 - 30/Jun/2015

Locations: Asia / Eastern and Southern Africa / West and Central Africa


CGIAR Research Program: Grain Legumes

This program will apply crop improvement and related high-priority value-chain interventions to maximize the benefits that grain legumes offer to smallholder farmers, especially women. The program aims to increase their incomes, secure their food supplies, improve their nutrition, and sustainably intensify farming systems by overcoming past challenges and constraints. Research will focus on conserving genetic resources, developing novel breeding methods, accelerating the development of more productive and nutritious cultivars, promoting crop and pest management practices, developing and facilitating efficient legume seed production and delivery systems for smallholder farmers, and enhancing value chain benefits for the poor.

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