Project Details

Scaling-up Pulse Innovations for Nutrition Security in Southern Ethiopia (IDRC, Canada)

Duration: 18/Mar/2015 - 18/Mar/2018

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Ethiopia

Project contact: Dr Tilahun Amede Wondifraw (

Donor: Academic institute eg university or college,University of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon - Canada

CGIAR Research Program: Dryland Systems

This project will generate and promote ways to encourage large-scale adoption of improved pulse crop technologies from pilot sites to more areas in southern Ethiopia. It will demonstrate the broader impacts of promoting pulse crop production on food security, income, and children's nutritional status.A team of Canadian and Ethiopian researchers will test and deploy multistakeholder platforms to scale up pulse-based innovations and food products. The project will benefit tens of thousands of small-scale farmers, producers, and consumers. Researchers will study the entire value chain for beans and chickpeas - from production to consumers. The project is expected to expand demand for nutritious, easily digestible, and culturally appropriate products to meet rural families' nutritional and health needs.

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