Project Details

Crop-livestock intensification in the face of climate change: Exploring opportunities to reduce risk and increase resilience in southern Africa using an integrated multi-modeling approach

Duration: 01/Mar/2012 - 28/Feb/2014

Project contact: Masikati, P

Donor: Columbia University-USA

This project will identify pathways to improve food security in southern Africa’s mixed crop livestock systems and develop adaptive management strategies to reduce climate induced risks and to increase systems resilience. The project will characterize selected mixed farming systems in southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa) in terms of biophysical and socio-economic characteristics, their interactions, and current and future constraints in the context of climate change.It will develop and evaluate crop-livestock management and climate change adaptation strategies (relevant to various identified typologies) that increase food production, agro-diversity and economic returns.Also,the project will explore the interactions and synergies of increased diversity and integration (agro-ecological and economic opportunities) and their contribution to reduce risk and increase system resilience

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