Project Details

Assessing the impacts of climate variability and change on agricultural systems in Eastern Africa while enhancing the regions capacity to undertake integrated assessment of vulnerabilities to future changes in climate

Duration: 01/Mar/2012 - 28/Feb/2014

Locations: Eastern and Southern Africa / Ethiopia / Kenya / Uganda

Donor: Academic institute eg university or college,Columbia University-USA

Project aims to conduct a systematic, comprehensive, and quantitative assessment of impacts of climate variability and change on agricultural systems that explicitly addresses the farm, local, national and regional level impacts and identifies adaptation options with due consideration to the interactions between the key variables of climate, crop and socio-economics in Eastern Africa. Operating within the framework of the AgMIP global project, it will work towards establishing country and regional teams with climate, crop and economic modellers and IT experts, enhancing their skills in the use and application of new science tools and conducting comprehensive assessment of impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation options applying cutting-edge science and interdisciplinary knowledge

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