Project Details

Improving rural livelihoods through innovative scaling-up of science-led participatory research for development in Karnataka

Duration: 23/Sep/2020 - 23/Sep/2020

Locations: Asia / India

Donor: Government department -national- state or local,Government of Karnataka-India

The project aims to form an action-oriented consortium of CGIAR institutions to operationalize the action research scaling-up model in partnership with development agencies (DoA,Animal Husbandry,Horticulture,Water management,Rural Development, etc.) in the state of Karnataka. It intends to establish sites of learning of integrated participatory research for development to benefit small and marginal farmers in irrigated and rainfed agriculture areas.It also plans to develop the capacity of agriculture-related development agenciesin the state so as to enable them to enhance the impact of development programs through science-led support systems.

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