Project Details

Deployment of molecular markers in chickpea breeding for developing superior cultivators with enhanced disease resistance

Duration: 16/Oct/2009 - 15/Oct/2014

Locations: India / Asia

Project contact: Varshney, R

Donor: Department of Biotechnology (DBT)-Government of India-India

The project is expected to initiate the molecular breeding activities in chickpea (first for any legume) and establish the chickpea (legume) molecular breeding practice of community in India in addition to developing superior lines of chickpea with enhanced resistance to FW (and also AB) that will make significant impact on chickpea production in India. The project aims to establish a network of chickpea breeders for molecular breeding activities in their ongoing breeding program.  In fact, this will be the first network on deployment of molecular markers in any legume crop in India. Efforts of this network will provide: (a) validated molecular markers for FW (and also AB); (ii) pre-breeding/superior lines with enhanced resistance to FW at five centers, i.e. ICRISAT, JNKVV, ARS-Gulbarga, MPKV, and IIPR, and pyramided resistance to both FW and AB at ICRISAT; and (iii) a community of practice of molecular breeding in chickpea (or legume) in the country

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