ICT / Knowledge Management


Appropriate knowledge for smallholder farmers will make the world more food secure. The fast development of mobile, digital and low- cost communication technologies combined with widespread coverage even in remote regions, allows a greater accessibility to the poor and various opportunities for them to be connected and empowered by new knowledge. The right information and knowledge sharing models can greatly impact poor people’s lives and will also shape new interactions between scientists and farmers (away from a ‘top down’ push model towards an ‘interconnected one’). This will enable a new rural knowledge economy to emerge. 

7.3 billion - Active cell phones in 2014, exceeding the world population (ITU)

120 million - Number of people, mostly male dwellers (83%) connected to internet each week in India; about 8% of the Indian population; 24 million in rural areas.(source: IAMAI)

898 million -  Mobile subscribers in India in 2012

17 million - Mpesa subscribers in Kenya; a mobile payment that was launched in other countries including India in 2013.

5700 - Research documents freely accessible online through ICRISAT's Open Access Repository

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