Feed and Fodder


Grain legumes and dryland cereals are not only important for the food security of millions of smallholder farmers in drylands. They can be cultivated as animal feed. Crop residues ( such as stovers, straws and haulms) provide  good fodder resources. As feeding livestock could be a challenge but also a driver of rural development in developing countries, crop breeders are now searching for dual purpose  (food and fodder) improved varieties.


600 million - Number of poor smallholder farmers whose livelihoods depends on livestock

2/3 -  Extent of global population that  lives in mixed crop-livestock farming systems 

80% -  Population in developing countries dependent on mixed systems as the main livelihood

40% - Share of crop residues in livestock feed resources in Indiain. This could rise to 70% by 2020

2-3 tons -  Farmers yield of crop residues per hectare, the equivalent of mulch requirement in conservation agriculture in the SAT

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