Uttar Pradesh


As the most populous Indian state with the fastest population growth, raising the productivity and profitability of the 23 million farms of Uttar Pradesh is a key development priority to ensure the State's food security. Village-based seed systems to promote high-yielding pest-resistant legume varieties and the promotion of productive and climate-resilient agroforestry systems are among ICRISAT's research for development strategies to improve rural livelihoods in Uttar Pradesh.    

828 people/km2 - Average human density in Uttar Pradesh , one of the highest

899:1,000) - Sex ratio of females to males in Uttar Pradesh

1st - Uttar Pradesh's rank in terms of wheat production among Indian States

39.78% - Uttar Pradesh's share in India's sugarcane production (2012-13)

3.3 children/women - Uttar Pradesh will be the last State to reach 2.1 replacement fertility rate

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