With its political stability and dynamic economy, Tanzania is seen as having great agricultural potential. Yet, three quarters of Tanzanian farms are small scale and low yielding, and semi-arid rural areas suffer from high malnutrition and food insecurity levels. ICRISAT mandate crops such as pigeonpea, groundnut or millet are key for the livelihoods of many Tanzanian smallholders. Strategic and impactful partnerships with research and development organizations are helping to scale up agriculture innovations in Tanzania’s drylands.

42% - Percentage of children under five being stunted in Tanzania

68% - Share of Tanzania's population living on less than US$  1.25 a day

70 to 100% - Aflatoxin contamination of main crop in Tanzania 

3 fold - Production increase of pigeonpea and chickpea in Tanzania from 2000 to 2012 (FAOstat)


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