Tagged as one of the least developed states, Odisha has seen some improvements in recent years. Yet, more needs to be done to reduce widespread rural poverty and improve health and nutrition indicators. Smallholder agriculture remains a key social and economic sector. Improving the productivity and family nutrition in the over 4 million small farms will still be a  priority in raising Odisha's human development indicators in the coming years.

4.66 million -Number of holdings in Odisha in the last 2011 census (91.2% have less than 2 hectares)

72% - Percentage of holdings of less than one hectare in Odisha

1,408 mm - Annual rainfall in Khorda district of Odisha

39.2% - Share of population living below the poverty line in Odisha [2009 data]

67% - Share of kharif cropped area planted to rice in Odisha

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