Niger lies between the Sahel and Sahara desert. It is one of the least developed countries, where food insecurity and malnutrition is widespread. Dryland agriculture is the main livelihood of over 80% of the population. ICRISAT is working with national and regional partners to develop adapted and resilient dryland cereals and grain legume varieties, as well as appropriate technologies and practices for better food security.

2.5 million - Chronically food insecure people in Niger

42% - Share of children in Niger who are chronically malnourished (WFP)

7.6 – Births per woman in Niger (among the highest fertility rates globally)

11% - Percentage of Niger's territory that receives 350 mm or more of annual rainfall

3.7 million tons - Millet produced in Niger in 2012. It’s the main crop (65% of cultivated land)

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