Burkina Faso


Flat, landlocked and arid, Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world and suffers from frequent droughts, poor soils and desertification. The agriculture sector which employs 85% of the population, is fragile and mostly focused on the cotton industry. The growing population and climate change will make farming even more challenging in the coming decades. Improvements in the cultivation of dryland cereals and grain legumes, as well as more ecological and conservation farming practices, can play a strong role in improving farmers’ livelihoods in this country.

85% - Share of active population engaged in agriculture in Burkina Faso

+40% - Yield increase in Guinea-race sorghum hybrids compared to local varietiesin Burkina Faso

1.2 million (ha) - Area cultivated to grain legumes in Burkina Faso (20% of total cultivated land)

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